Auction System
Access to all auction centers
Quick and Effective Solution

Auction Centers

     Japonic Trade allows you to easily access all online auction centers throughout Japan. 7/24 is at your service to get the vehicle you want. All you need is a device with internet access. Japonic Trade Auction system is designed to make your purchase of used cars from Japan fast, easy and affordable.

Japanese Work Ethic

     One of the most controversial issues in the purchase of used vehicles is how to test vehicles. But when it comes to Japanese work ethic, hesitations are replaced by trust and experience. Japonic Trade is here to meet you with tools that have been tested by expert personnel ...

From Japan to the World

     Japan is One of the world`s largest economies, Japan also owns the largest maritime traffic networks. Having said that, it can be sentto all parts of the world quickly and safely. Japonic Trade is able to offer its users two most common transportation systems known as RO-RO (Roll on Roll off) and Container in vehicle transportation.